Arctic Norway Videos – Part 8: On Board Hurtigruten Ship ‘Nordnorge’


We are near the end of our Arctic Norway series and your most burning questions will be answered, as we spend a day on board the Hurtigruten ship ‘Nordnorge’. Will Nigel have gotten over the burger drama? Will we ever get to see the Northern Lights? How will we cope with the harsh Arctic climatic conditions? Will Nigel miss the boat? How did our encounter with a sperm whale end? Also – a short, 25-minute holiday in the Arctic village of Finnsnes, a Hurtigruten breakfast and lots and lots of unforgettable Arctic scenery.

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Arctic Norway Videos – Part 7: Rain in Henningsvær

You know a place is truly spectacular when even the worst of weather fails to spoil its beauty. Well, the arctic fishing village of Henningsvær on the Nowegian Lofoten Islands was determined to prove this. Having been thrown out of our hotel at noon with no roof over our heads until our ferry departure late at night, we had plenty of time to experience it. Do you think it deserves to be referred to as spectacular? You will also find out how Nigel only narrowly escaped starvation and how he nearly pushed Martha into divorce.

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