USA Road Trip Part 4 – Telluride & Rocky Mountain High

USA Road Trip Part 4 – Telluride & Rocky Mountain High

We left Monument Valley and started our journey East, past the Four Corners Region, the only place in the USA where four states meet (Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico). After being relieved of a few bucks, you can stand on a marker on the ground and tell your loved ones back home that you were in four states at the same time.

You will also get a chance to stroll through the market stalls where the local natives sell jewellery, paintings and carvings. Nearby you may notice a jagged rock formation on the horizon, which is known as Ship Rock and is located in the northwesterly corner of New Mexico. Ship Rock has a special religious and historical meaning to the Najavo Nation. Legend has it that it used to be a bird that brought the first Navajos to the area … READ ON



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