VIDEO: How to make traditional Irish soda bread

Soda bread making step by step

You really ‘ate up’ our recent article about Soda bread and 4 other Irish Bread Varieties. Some of you requested recipes and your wish is our command. This time, why not join us for some Soda bread making in the Old Rectory at the Ulster Folk Museum at Cultra in Northern Ireland.

The Old Rectory at the Ulster Folk Museum

Gillian shows us how quick and easy it actually is to make traditional Irish soda farls on a griddle in a home which is estimated to be 300 years old. The house originally stood about one mile east of Toomebridge before being dismantled and moved to the museum in 1971. One of its residents was a Captain Archibald McCallion who had fought as an officer in the British forces during the American War of Independence. Thanks so much Gillian for allowing us to join you!

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‘Weather’ to go to Ireland

‘Weather’ to go to Ireland

Nigel asks: Is our climate really a joke?

The climate of Ireland … where do I even begin! Ok, let’s get a couple of the jokes out of the way for a start. Summer is my favourite day of the year. It only rained twice last year … once from January to June and once from July to December. Okay then, that’s the humour out of the way and sometimes with the weather here in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, a sense of humour is vital! Down to the serious business now! View Post

Afternoon Tea on the TITANIC in 6 Steps

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Martha’s account of a very memorable meal

If there is one thing that us Germans are good at, it’s celebrating life’s milestones. For me, there was no milestone more meaningful than becoming a mother. That’s why I have always been somewhat disappointed that baby showers are not part of our German celebration inventory. So when the time finally came that I was about to give birth to baby Jonas last December, I was grateful when my good friend and fellow German Wiebke threw me an unforgettable baby bash at her home. What most guests didn’t know is that she was expecting herself at the time. View Post

Belfast’s Cave Hill – Why it is Worth the Climb

Belfast’s Cave Hill – Why it is Worth the Climb

In the first part of our Undiscovered Ulster series, we showed you the most under-rated spots of Nigel’s home town Belfast and this is one of them.

The famous profile of Belfast’s 370m high Cave Hill can be seen from almost anywhere in the city and even beyond. Its most famous feature, known as Napoleon’s Nose, is said to have inspired the giant in Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels. View Post