Your Ireland Fix: Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland in 2 Mins (Game of Thrones Filming Location)

Best enjoyed with sound:┬áNo place feels more Irish than Ballintoy Harbour on Northern Ireland’s North Coast (one of our Top 10 favourite places). The old time charm of the harbour combined with the truly breathtaking, unique scenery that surrounds it makes this place feel like something out of a fairytale … or a TV series! Yup, that’s right, this is a famous Game of Thrones filming location. We even bumped into some of the series’ heroes while filming this …

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20 Reasons NOT to go to Northern Ireland

20 Reasons NOT to go to Northern Ireland

Nigel asks: Why would you?

Growing up in Northern Ireland during the troubles, tourists were as rare as long spells of unbroken sunshine. If anyone had said back in the late 1970s that Belfast would have open top sightseeing buses, then people may have called a doctor for them! It still amazes me when I’m walking along the shore of Belfast Lough close to home and a huge cruise ship glides past, usually carrying more passengers than the majority of our towns have inhabitants! To be honest, I think they must all be mad! View Post