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20 Reasons NOT to go to Northern Ireland

20 Reasons NOT to go to Northern Ireland

Nigel asks: Why would you?

Growing up in Northern Ireland during the troubles, tourists were as rare as long spells of unbroken sunshine. If anyone had said back in the late 1970s that Belfast would have open top sightseeing buses, then people may have called a doctor for them! It still amazes me when I’m walking along the shore of Belfast Lough close to home and a huge cruise ship glides past, usually carrying more passengers than the majority of our towns have inhabitants! To be honest, I think they must all be mad! View Post

Afternoon Tea on the TITANIC in 6 Steps

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Martha’s account of a very memorable meal

If there is one thing that us Germans are good at, it’s celebrating life’s milestones. For me, there was no milestone more meaningful than becoming a mother. That’s why I have always been somewhat disappointed that baby showers are not part of our German celebration inventory. So when the time finally came that I was about to give birth to baby Jonas last December, I was grateful when my good friend and fellow German Wiebke threw me an unforgettable baby bash at her home. What most guests didn’t know is that she was expecting herself at the time. View Post

5 ways to save money on a road trip

5 ways to save money on a road trip

It’s one of the best ways to see the world – getting a group of your friends together and heading out on the road. However, although it is one of the cheapest options when travelling, road tripping doesn’t always come at a low cost! Here are some useful tips to keep in mind. View Post

Top 10 Au Pair Survival Tips

Top 10 Au Pair Survival Tips

I decided in my early teens that once I had my A-Levels, I would be an Au Pair in California. I wanted a Spanish-speaking family because I already spoke English. Once I had made that decision, my grades improved dramatically and the determination to make my dream come true helped me pull through all of my exams (particularly maths … ergh… ). When the time finally came, my agency was unable to find me a Spanish-speaking family in the States, so I had a choice. Which dream do I make a reality? Live in the US for a year or learn Spanish? View Post

Arctic Norway Videos – Part 8: On Board Hurtigruten Ship ‘Nordnorge’


We are near the end of our Arctic Norway series and your most burning questions will be answered, as we spend a day on board the Hurtigruten ship ‘Nordnorge’. Will Nigel have gotten over the burger drama? Will we ever get to see the Northern Lights? How will we cope with the harsh Arctic climatic conditions? Will Nigel miss the boat? How did our encounter with a sperm whale end? Also – a short, 25-minute holiday in the Arctic village of Finnsnes, a Hurtigruten breakfast and lots and lots of unforgettable Arctic scenery.

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