We Now Feature GPS Guided Travel Articles

We Now Feature GPS Guided Travel Articles

Like a Little Nigel in your PocketGPSmyCity

Travelling with Nigel has its definite advantages. On top of his dazzling good looks obviously making him the perfect accessory, he is something of a walking map. This is particularly handy for Martha, who suffers from a chronic absence of a sense of direction. While she isn’t gonna share her man with you, we are excited to show you the closest thing to having your very own Nigel. Yeah! We thought that would get your attention 😀

Download the GPSMyCity App Free of Charge

Our BayBreezin’ articles are where we share our infinite wisdom with you and we hope they inspire you to explore some of the places we write about. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the necessary data plans to access our website on the go. Enter GPSmyCity. This app allows you to download thousands of inspiring travel articles free of charge to then access them while offline. You will not only be able to download the app and the articles of your choice at no cost, but you will also be able to access them without any data fees occurring.

Turn Blog Posts into GPS Guided Travel Articles

If you then decide that you would like to turn an article into a little Nigel in your pocket, you can activate GPS tracking in over 600 of them for a small upgrade fee of only USD1.99. This will give you access to the included offline maps and offline navigation assistance. The article will now guide you to the points of interest described. Also part of GPSmyCity are city maps and self-guided walking tours for cities across the planet. With their help you will be able to take walking tours of your destination at your convenience and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional tour.

Find Bay Breezin´Articles on GPSMyCitystolberg-gpsmycity

What makes us very excited is that two of our articles are now available for download on GPSmyCity:

Stolberg: Romantic Germany at its Best
Quedlinburg, Germany: A Step back in Time

There are two ways to access these articles:

1.) You can simply click on the link at the end of either blog post (you will be prompted to download the free GPSMyCity app if you do not already have it).

2.) Alternatively, you can browse by city within the app to find the articles available.

Download Free GPS Guided Article: Stolberg – Romantic Germany at its Best

To celebrate this launch with you, GPSmyCity and ourselves would like to give you the chance to download the full, GPS guided version of our Stolberg article free of charge. The free version will be available until 23 October and you can access it as described above. We would be delighted if you gave it a try and we hope to publish additional articles with GPSmyCity over time.


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