The Funny Side to Irish Animals

The Funny Side to Irish Animals

Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as we all know, has more than its fair share of ‘colourful’ and, dare we say it, eccentric characters!

During our travels around the country we have discovered that the same can also be said of many of its four-legged inhabitants – our lovely Irish animals! From the north coast beaches of Northern Ireland to the rugged north coast of County Donegal we have been lucky enough to bump into a number of them. Some are cute, some can be a little bit rude, some are just plain weird and some just like nothing better than to have a good old laugh and enjoy a bit of ‘craic’! These are a few of our favourites so we hope you enjoy them đŸ™‚

Funny Cow in Ireland
“It’s soooo hot I really can’t be bothered moooooving!”
(Seen at White Park Bay, County Antrim)


Funny Goat in Ireland
“I just went out for a pint and came home legless!”
(Seen in Carrigart, County Donegal)


Funny Horse in Ireland
“Wait till you hear this one. It’s a cracker!”

Paddy was about to go on a trip to England. The day before he left, he asked his next-door neighbour, Mrs. Dunne, if she wanted anything from England. “Yes,” she said. “could you please find my son Neely. He’s been gone 10 years and has not written or phoned me, ever! I write to him but he never replies. I try to phone him but he never seems to be in. Anyway, here’s his address.” On the back of an envelope she scribbled: Neely Dunne, WC1, London, England. The next day, the man embarked on his journey. The plane landed at Heathrow. He got off the plane and was walking down the corridor when he saw a sign saying ‘WC’. He entered the room, and saw that it was a washroom. He proceeded to the first toilet stall, knocked on the door and said: “Are you Neely Dunne?” “Yes, but I ran out of paper,” came the reply. “Well, that’s no excuse not to write to your mother!”

(seen at Melmore Head in Donegal)


Funny Owl in Ireland
“What are you looking at?!”
(seen at Castle Espie, County Down)


Funny Donkey and Sheep in Ireland
“Hey Finn wait for me! Was it something I said?”
(seen on Sketrick Island, County Down)


Funny Goat in Ireland
“Gimme a kiss!”
(Seen in Carrigart, County Donegal)


Funny Cow in Ireland
“I sooo wish I’d brought my flip flops!”
(Seen at White Park Bay)


Irish animals: Funny Sheep
“You’re all very welcome!”
(Mussenden Temple Downhill Estate, County Londonderry)

No Irish animals were harmed in the making of this article (apart from a little bit of sunburn). Oh, and Gertrude the goat and her back legs were reunited the following day đŸ˜‰

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These Irish sheep and their animal friends will make you wanna LOL


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