Arctic Norway Videos – Part 1: Our Rocky Way to Tromsø

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Only the first in the Arctic Series …

You may already know that March 2016 saw us set off on our very first Arctic adventure when we explored Northern Norway’s Tromsø and then jumped on a Hurtigruten ship to Lofoten Island.

We are beginning to publish a series of articles about this memorable week and in the first post of the series, we promised you a video to go with the article. We are not known for breaking our promises.

Bumpy Ride into Tromsø

So in this first part of our video series we are travelling from Northern Ireland to Northern Norway. The views from the plane will give you goosebumps – and it certainly was a bumpy ride for us.

Part two of the series explores how we coped on the day after.

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Arctic Norway Part 1 – Our Rocky Way to Tromsø

Arctic Norway Part 1 – Our Rocky Way to Tromsø
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Wanna Go to the Arctic?

Tromsø is a place that had been intriguing Nigel for a number of years. It seemed bizarre that 350km above the Arctic Circle there could be this “Paris of the North” that ‘enjoyed’ two months per polar night (zero daylight) and two months of the midnight sun (zero darkness) per year. In all likelihood however, it was somewhere he was never going to visit. That was until he first saw photographs of the Lofoten Islands on Instagram which looked like another world. This was quickly followed by seeing a programme called ‘In The Land Of The Midnight Sun’ on TV. During his expedition across the Arctic he visited the Lofoten Islands and once again it looked amazing. This as followed by Martha exclaiming ‘I wanna go there!”. So there was nothing else for it … Nigel had to check out if we could get there! As it turned out, not only was it relatively easy to get to Northern Norway, but it was also inexpensive! Our flights by our beloved SAS were from Dublin (we are slowly coming to terms with the fact that SAS do not fly out of Belfast) to Tromsø via Oslo. On the return journey they were to be from Tromsø to Dublin via Oslo and Stockholm! Five flights for a total cost of £150/€185/$210 each, which also included 23kg of luggage, free choice of seats 24 hours before departure and free tea and coffee – can’t be bad! View Post