Arctic Norway Part 3 – Our Night and Day Aboard Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol

Arctic Norway Part 3 – Our Night and Day Aboard Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol

Welcome on Board

After a busy day of skiing in Tromsø we left our hotel at midnight. It was only a short walk to get to the Hurtigruten terminal and we were happy to see our ship, the Midnatsol, waiting for us. It certainly looked more cruise ship than a ferry with its modern design and a foyer which even had glass elevators. We left our bags in our cabin and went to explore the ship before our 1.30am departure. There were numerous nice lounge areas and up on deck there were even two jacuzzis. It was while we were up on deck that Nigel noticed an unusual band of green light in the sky rising up from Tromsø. It could only be one thing, the Northern Lights! We watched as it became a little brighter and then began to move about in the sky and by now some other passengers were watching on excitedly and trying to take photographs of it. View Post

Arctic Norway Videos – Part 3: Skiing, Falling & Sailing

VIDEO Arctic Norway 3

In our last video, we showed you how we spent our first day in the Arctic.

Will Nigel discover that he’s an ace skier, will Martha buy more Norwegian branded clothing and will we eat more cake? All of these questions and more will be answered in this third part.

Our second day in Tromsø had snow, shopping and skiing in store for us. One of the three did not turn out too well from Nigel’s perspective. Take a guess which one!

This day did not end after dinner, because at around Midnight, we boarded our Hurtigruten ship ‘Midnatsol’ to sail to Lofoten Islands …

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Arctic Norway Videos – Part 2: A Tromsø kinda Day


The Troms on foot

In part one of our Norwegian Arctic road trip series we took you on the road with us. All the way to the Arctic from literally our doorstep. In this second part, we now finally wake up in beautiful Tromsø. Our first day in the Arctic takes us to the harbour, across the bridge to the Arctic Cathedral. It sees us contemplating property purchases, overeating on unexpected delicacies and booking an activity for day 3 that will change Nigel’s athletic game forever …


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Arctic Norway Part 2 – A Tromsø kinda Day

Arctic Norway Part 2 – A Tromsø kinda Day

Tromsø in Daylight

After a long day of travelling and a rather rocky arrival in the Arctic, which we told you about in part 1, we finally arrived at our hotel in Tromsø in the dark. Waking up the next morning like excited little children, we were eager to get out and explore the city in daylight. Following breakfast, we headed out into a slightly overcast but dry morning and the first thing which we noticed were the snow covered mountains, which seemed to surround the city. The tourist office was our first stop to pick up some maps and information and to enquire about cross country skiing. For some reason Nigel, who had never skied before and who isn’t a big fan of ice, thought it really can’t be that difficult and how can you fall over with two huge skies on your feet! We were given directions to the nearby outdoor adventure store, Tromsø Outdoor, and signed up for a three-hour cross country skiing trip. We got measured up for boots and would set off the following afternoon. View Post