Breakfast in America pt. 3 – Perry’s Cafe on Santa Monica Beach

Breakfast in America pt. 3 – Perry’s Cafe on Santa Monica Beach

Breakfast in America – Part Three

Perry’s Café in Santa Monica

Our breakfast tour around California moves on from The Blue Front Café in San Francisco and The Mission in San Diego to Los Angeles and Perry’s Cafe on Santa Monica Beach within a short walk of the famous Pier.

This isn’t a fancy fine dining experience but tasty, freshly prepared food ranging from breakfast specials to burgers and sandwiches. But best of all is that the beach is your dining room, complete with deck chairs and parasols. Here you can sit and watch the world go by as you are right beside the boardwalk. There are a number of Perry’s Cafés in the area but we have been to the same one both times which is about midway between Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.

We aren’t known for eating too early in the day and brunch would be more our thing. But on our first visit we were early enough for the ‘Big Dog’ breakfast special, which was eggs any way you want them, bacon, hash browns and toast and also came complete with a choice of pancakes. Let’s say we didn’t need to eat for quite a while after that! On our last visit we just missed the breakfast menu, served to 11am, so we had burger and fries….delicious!

There’s something about eating food in the sun on a beautiful beach which makes everything taste even better than normal!

We should mention that in addition to food and drink Perry’s also offer bike, surf board and roller blade rentals amongst many other items from an hour to a number of days!

Check back for our final stop in California next time, when we head to Palm Springs. In the meantime, find out whether our friends from Four on a World Trip fell in love with LA in 36 hours!

Some practical information:

Address – 2400 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, California 90405

Website –

Opening Hours – vary depending on time of year so best checking.


Why are you not on your way to Perry’s yet?


Not your average dining room


The food was too delicious to get a photo before it was half eaten …



  1. February 3, 2016 / 7:54 pm

    Thank you for the beautiful article about Perry’s! Appreciate it! Betsy (Perry’s)

    • baybreezin
      February 3, 2016 / 9:31 pm

      It came from the heart, Betsy 🙂 We will say hi next time we’re over!

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