About Us

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and following us around! There’s always room for one more on the plane in this amazing digital age 🙂 But let us introduce ourselves so that you know who you’re travelling with.

We are Nigel and Martha, an international couple with a passion for nature, travel, animals, languages and photography (should say obsession for this one in Nigel’s case). We live in beautiful Northern Ireland, where Nigel was born and bred. Martha settled here after having lived and worked in Germany, Gran Canaria, Sweden and England. She was an au pair on Gran Canaria and in Sweden, so if you are currently an au pair or thinking about becoming one: Watch this place for some advice – this girl can relate!

We met many years ago through our mutual love for Sweden, where Nigel also proposed in July 2014. We have since travelled to many stunning places together.

Yes, we do have a bit of an age gap going on, which of course has its challenges. It is only natural that one of us wants to get out and hit the town at the end of a busy travelling day, while the other prefers to snuggle up in bed with a cup of tea. Yes, you guessed correctly – the latter would be Martha 😀

We like to do things a bit differently, so in May 2015, we ‘ran off’ and got married on stunning Coronado Island just off San Diego. We had a picture book ceremony: Just the two of us at gorgeous Central Beach, right next to the iconic Hotel Del Coronado. The aisle Martha walked down consisted of sand dunes while the groom was waiting near the shore. It must have been the most relaxed wedding day any couple has ever had.

Our 2015 Wedding in Coronado

Nigel has three grown-up kids: Rachel, Christopher and Richard, who travel with us sometimes. Having them with us always causes our fun-levels to peak but also severely deteriorates air quality (Apologies, Rachel! This last bit excludes you of course. The only thing you exude is posh-ness!) – We are told this is a completely natural consequence of travelling with boys…

We are expecting our first child together in January 2017. Man, is that gonna make our travels more interesting or what? But enough about us. We are looking forward to meeting you! Don’t be a stranger and say hi!